Top Places to Visit in Bangladesh

Bangladesh will be one of the most exciting countries that you’ll ever visit. There are lots of places to visit in Bangladesh that attract tourists from around the world.

Every part of the country could give you a different experience. You can discover the many landmarks, enjoy the Bengali beaches, or see the diverse wildlife. Bangladesh is a place for everyone to enjoy.

There are many things to do for tourists. That includes anything from shopping to hiking to cruising through their river channels. Many places around Bangladesh have great tourism industries that will fill your trip with fun and excitement. You should definitely plan to visit any of the top destinations.


Dhaka will be one of your favorite places to visit in Bangladesh. It’s a city that definitely amazes anyone who visits. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and also its largest city, both in size and population.

Tourists come to Dhaka to experience how city life is in Bangladesh.  The nation’s largest international airport is located in Dhaka. It’s often the start point for anyone visiting Bangladesh.

Sightseeing is one of the most common activities in Dhaka. It’s known as a cultural hub thanks to its long history. Part of the city is divided into “Old Town.” This area has a mixture of architectural styles because of the different early influences on the city.

All around Dhaka you’ll see landmarks, religious sites, monuments, and several cultural venues such as the National Museum. Each one of these sites is a great stop for all tourists.

After sightseeing, you’ll really get to enjoy the vast amount of shopping and world-renowned cuisine.


Chittagong got its early growth thanks to being the major port city of Bangladesh. Even today it is a significant economic city. Chittagong has now grown to be the second largest city in Bangladesh.  There is a lot to experience here.

Chittagong is one of the most unique places to visit in Bangladesh that has seen the influence of many different places. Its location is situated between India and SE Asia. It was always along trade routes entering either location from sea or land. Chittagong is famous for its port. One of the most popular places to see in the city is the shipyard. The number of ships located here amazes everyone.

There are many other sites around Chittagong that are worth seeing. There is a nearby beach since it’s a coastal city and tourists frequently come here to relax. You can also go sightseeing at the shrine or iconic mosque. A lot of parks can be found here, from amusement parks to simply lounging.


The oldest city in Bangladesh is Bogra. You can imagine the history to be discovered here. Some of the main attractions to the city are to explore it a bit further. It’s also considered a city of major religious importance. The most known landmarks are Buddhist and Hindu temples, stupas, and historic palaces of former rulers. Many of these sites are still active. Some devotees still take pilgrimages to Bogra.

Bogra being the oldest city means that it’s also nearby to some other very historical places. Just outside of the city you will see why this is always a treat for visitors. The ancient ruins called Mahasthangarh is one of the earlier archaeological sites in the entire country. The museum here holds many relics from some of the earliest civilizations.

You can also visit one of the old villages here. That will be a great place to see how a small town setting in Bangladesh compares to its major cities. You’ll be able to pick up some local handicrafts that would go great as souvenirs. Bogra is a must-visit on the list of places to visit in Bangladesh if you value culture and history.


Comilla is a city located in the same district as Chittagong. Its considered as one of the oldest cities in Bangladesh as well as one of the larger. It’s also a city that amazes its visitors. Comilla is a very accessible city. It’s located along all major highway routes in this region of Bangladesh.

Historic British rule has shaped a lot of the city. This influence is reflected in the architecture and landmarks you’ll see here. Comilla held a significant role in World War II. A lot of the landmarks and memorials are dedicated to it. Visitors can enjoy tours to some of the surrounding archaeological ruins and temples to see more of its history.

Cricket is regarded as the most popular sport in Bangladesh. It is played everywhere from a quick street pick up game to the professional level. One of the top professional cricket teams in Bangladesh plays at the stadium here. It would be exhilarating to see a game here and get an authentic local experience.

St. Martin’s Island

Another one of the best places to visit in Bangladesh that will surely amaze you is St. Martin’s Island. It is just off the shore of the mainland, in the Bay of Bengal. In fact, ferries and small boats are the only way to get to the island. Daily trips to the island have been set up recently after its growth in tourism popularity.

Coral reefs actually form St.Martin’s Island. That makes it an excellent place for maritime activities such as diving and snorkeling. There is an abundance of marine life that you can see here. One of the main activities over there is fishing. Visitors really enjoy this destination. The beautiful beaches make it easy to relax or dance all night at a beach party. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

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