Famous Foods of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is small country in size but there are many types of foods. This country is rich in vegetables and fish and fruits. So, we have huge varities when it comes to cooking. There are many people who like to eat very much. They go to various types of restaurant for eating. today I share with you some foods .

  1. Morog Polao (Chicken Polao) : Morog polao is a traditional food in our country. This food is very popular to us. We have to arrange various parties , marriage, birthday etc. Morog polao is easier to cook than others rich foods. Maximum people in Bangladesh like to eat rich food. We like Morog Polao very much. This food is widely available in every restaurant. This food is prepared with chicken , rice and various spices. This food is not expensive. We can get it about 120-300 taka .
  2. Vuna khichuri : Vuna khichuri is also a traditional food for Bengalis. This food is very popular. Normally, make khichuri in rainy season and winter season. Basically, this food is made by rice and moong dal with some spices. There are not find any person who don’t like vhuna khichuri. This food is available in our country. This food is easier to cook than others foods. We can get easily it. This price is not high.
  3. Kacci Birayni : Kacci Biryani is also a popular and traditional food in our country. We should make it every program such as marriage, birthday , marriage anniversary etc. There are many people who like to eat Kacci birayni. Basically it is made by mutton, potato with rice. We have to mix with some spices. This food is available in our country.
  4. Fried rice : Fried rice is a popular dish in Bangladesh, India and some other countries. Its popularity is increasing day by day. It is cooked rice with egg, vegetables, seafood or meat. Every Chinese and fast food restaurants have this item. Most people like to eat rich food. Our young generation like this food very much.
  5. Fried chicken : Fried chicken is a most popular item in our world. Its popularity is increasing in our country. Every fast food restaurant has many types of fried chicken such as crispy chicken, chicken lollipop etc. we are like most to eat this.
  6. Payesh : Payesh is a special food for occasions and festivals. We have to prepare it any event. We don’t find out any person who doesn’t like to eat payesh. We can’t make without milk and rice. This payesh is prepared by suger or jaggery . For flavoring, we use with coconuts, nuts, carrots .
  7. Falooda : Falooda ia an ice cream type of dessert in India subcontinent. It is cold type which is increased popularity day by day. This food is made in various types of program’s like dessert. This food is made by sagu pearls, coconut cream, mango, milk, vermicelli. It is also mixed rose syrup. we get it every restaurant.. we like to eat falloda very much.
    1. Ras malai : Ras malai is also a dessert type of food. It is a Bengali delicious and popular food for sweet lovers. It is made by sugary white cream, and yellow colour balls. It is used in sugar syrup, milk. Everybody likes to eat very much. It is expensive but we like it a lot.
  8. Rasgulla : Rasgulla is a popular sweet desert in our India subcontinent. It is syrupy type of dessert. There are maximum people like to eat it. It is served in any program. When we get good news, we have to distribute rasgulla. This is prepared by cheese mixture into small balls. For flavoring and tasting , we have to use rose water. Ras gulla is widely available in our country. It is not expensive.

10.. Pitha : Pitha is a very popular dessert in Indian subcontinent. We arrange special pitha for festivals such as Nabanno and Poush Parbon. There are various types of pitha such as chitoi pitha, teler pitha, vapa pitha, puli pitha , chandra puli etc . Basically it is made by rice flour or wheat flour with mixed coconut, sugar, jaggery . It is also mixed with sweet syrup such as date juice, plum juice etc. Pitha is prepared mainly during the winter season.

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