Things to Do in Chittagong

The seaport city and financial centre of Bangladesh located in the southeast has much to offer. Lamudi have put together a list of ten things you should do if you are lucky enough to visit.

Neval Beach

This beach is well maintained and there is a choice of coffee shops, with ocean views. The sunset here is also very beautiful. It might be hard to get access as it is a navy establishment. You will usually need to be invited. Challenge accepted!

Foy’s Lake

The second lake on our list but with just as much charm. The lake is surrounding by stunning green mountains. It is possible to hire a boat and rent it by the hour, probably the best way to get around. To nurture your inner child there is a fun amusement park with nice roller coasters.

Boga Lake

This wonderful lake in the Ruma district will take your breath away. The elevation is 2400 above sea level, you will notice to air is fresh. The first view you get is amazing, on a sunny day the rays from the sun will glimmer on the great lake. The lake is nestled between rolling green hills. There is the option to stay at Siam Didi’s Cottage, where the Bom tribe live, as pictured above. Geologists believe the lake was created from water preserved in the crater of an extinct volcano. The surrounding hills, of which there are three are covered in thick bamboo trees.

To get there you need to make it to Bandorban and from there you will have to get abus from theq Ruma bus station to Ruma bazar. Guides can be organized from Ruma Bazar and it will take you roughly 30 minutes hiking to get the Boga Lake.

Ethnological Museum

The museum gives a nice insight into the hill tribe of Bangladesh and their fascinating history. The difference between the different tribes is substantial. You will only need an hour or so to cover everything. It will cost about 100 takas to get inside. Along with Bangladesh indigenous histories, there is a focus on Pakistani lives.

Patenga Beach

Without seeing the sun setting on the Patenga Beach you will not have seen Chittagong. There is also a Burmese market which has many traditional ornaments and street food on offer. You can rent quad bikes, take boat rides and go on a horse. You have a good view of shipping vessels that pass through the Karnaphuli channel. It’s a perfect place the escape the frenetic pace of the city.

Adher Manik Buddhist Monastery

One of the nicest monasteries in Chittagong surround by lush green landscapes, coconuts, mangoes, jackfruits. The flower garden is very peaceful and tranquil, a nice place to spend an afternoon reflecting on life.

Dulahazra Safari Park

Considered the largest and most beautiful safari park in Bangladesh. Home to at least 4000 animals of 165 species. The animals protected there include deer of different kinds, crocodiles, black bears, pythons and peacocks. It is best to visit outside of the holiday season, where it can feel crowded at times.

Shrine of Bayazid Bostami

The shrine is colloquially known as the turtle shrine, as there are many large breeds of turtles. If you are careful you can pet the turtles. Legend says that the turtle will not eat from your hands if you do not have a pure heart. It’s named in honour of an Islamic saint.

Butterfly Park

Nice place to spent a day. It is known that there are more than 50 types of butterfly that make their home in the park. Sometimes they have music concerts, so check out the calendar before making a visit.

Vatiary Lake

The news are nice and the lake is clean and well maintained. Taking a walk around will refresh the mind. Check out sunset point at the right time and you can watch the sun go down on the Bay of Bengal, a memory you will treasure for life. The curved, winding roads around are a great place to mountain bike. The cafe24 is perfect for a coffee after walking.

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